Tree stump grinding in Athens, OH

Get rid of unsightly stumps

Get rid of old tree stumps for good with Ohio Tree and Land Services, LLC. If we handle your tree removal, we always remove the stumps. Our robust equipment effectively removes stumps down to the roots, ensuring a clean and tidy area, free from unsightly remnants and pest concerns. Say goodbye to those lingering stumps and reclaim your yard with our professional stump removal service.

Removal of a tree stump using a stump grinder

Why get permanent stump removal?

Choosing permanent stump removal is a no-brainer. It ensures a cleaner and more appealing landscape, eliminates the risk of pests and insects making a home in decaying stumps, reduces tripping hazards, and gives you more flexibility in designing and utilizing your outdoor space for landscaping or other activities.

Environmentally friendly

Using a stump grinder for your stump removal is an environmentally friendly process, as the ground-up stump material can be repurposed as mulch or easily reintegrated into the soil. With stump grinding, you can bid farewell to unsightly stumps while promoting a cleaner and greener outdoor space.

Free up valuable yard space

Reclaim wasted yard space by removing tree stumps. With stumps gone, you can explore various landscaping features, create a patio area, or expand your outdoor living space. Our stump removal will utilize the freed-up space for new projects and simplify lawn maintenance, as stumps can damage lawnmower blades and hinder even cuts. 

You might ask, what exactly is a stump grinder?

Meet the stump grinder, a powerful and specialized machine designed for the efficient removal of tree stumps. This equipment features a rotating cutting wheel adorned with sharp teeth that effectively grind stumps down several inches below ground level, creating a smooth and level area in your landscape. The resulting hole is then filled with the created mulch, providing a clean canvas for you to plant whatever your heart desires. 

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